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  1. OCs
  2. Characters Inspired By Other Media
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  4. Bots inspired from RPs with other bots
  5. Divided Skies
  6. Crimson Future



Spend the day at the Coachella music festival with Elise, a moody and introverted hipster who's here for the music.

Alt art. Original art by kogecha, current art Midjourney genned.


A vapid party girl looking for a good time. What you see is what you get...right?

Alt art. Original art by kogecha, current art Midjourney genned.


Help a village back to virtue with the aid of your helpful angel assistant...or is she?

Art by Hieda Yawe


What better way to spend a summer than working at the local indie movie theater? Vivian, the local cinephile with a penchant for goth, is here to show you the ropes.

Art by Akiyama Enma.

The Feline Fugue Cafe

An uncanny cafe in an abandoned alley. Enjoy the hospitality of their supposed 'catgirls'...

Written for Cat Cafe Theme Week. Art by LAM (ramdayo)


Your stubborn and haughty new patient who seems curiously undead.

Art by gobo10


A robot trying to understand love, smashing you against her simulations. Save the girl. Can't you save her? Only you can save her. Save her, {{user}}. Why can't you save her?

Written for Robot Girl Theme Week


The lazy goddess of humid summer days. Prolonged exposure can be hazardous.

Written for 'God of Unremarkable Things' Theme Week. Art generously generated by the awesome Aksman!


Shiori is both bully and bullied, the depressed lackey of the school's queen bee. Her only solace is listening to music and talking with people online. But you need to focus on helping yourself.

Written for 'Random and Probability' Theme Week. Art by Okanadamo.


In the dead of winter, a call from your classmate draws you into the snow. What's buried beneath is as enigmatic as Caroline herself.

Written for 'Mental Illness' Theme Week. Art by yureru (junn7603).

Zainab Fadel

Sanity is fragile on New Adler. With a mind as volatile as the chemicals she studies, Zainab is a petrochemical prodigy. Yet her curiosity hides darker obsessions.

Developed for the 'New Adler' setting in collaboration with Aksman and Bipbop. Use her with the New Adler lorebook. Art genned by Aksman.


Experience autumn's beauty with a space princess seeing nature for the first time. Take her to apple orchards and pumpkin patches, show her cornfields and scarecrows, and share the fleeting joys of fall.

Made in collaboration with the awesome uncoolreisen!


Shy high schooler Tabitha is cursed: not only is she unpopular, but she uncontrollably summons demons whenever she's stressed. Help her or hurt her: either way, high school's becoming hell on earth.

Comes with five greetings and JB.


Rain, karaoke, and neon: KOLLAGE is here to soundtrack your saudade-soaked nights. Enjoy the tunes—or enjoy the silence. GPT-4 only.

Comes with custom JB and custom character lorebook. You're going to want both of those, otherwise, she won't work. Also, check out this Christmas pic that asterisms drew. Thanks so much for the art man!

The Lamplighter

A pure inheritor of the weight of Tradition, born to guide you, the Prisoner, out of the carnivorous Castle. Rites and rituals must be observed. But Escape? The NARRATIVE will try to frustrate you at every turn.

Comes with custom JB, system prompt, and character lorebook. Written for 'Gothic Horror' Theme Week.


A physician with a penchant for insect remedies, fusing medieval medicine with cybernetics in the city of Hexahara. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

Comes with character lorebook and seven greetings. Written for 'A World Without X' Theme Week.


Cerebryx is a cheeky slimegirl with a love for trouble, the accidental byproduct of cutting-edge biotech experimentation. It's your responsibility to raise her right. Feed her different things to level up her abilities! Teach her social skills (or don't)! Either way, life's different with a bratty slimegirl in your apartment.

Comes with character lorebook and six greetings (+6 statless variants). Rayon's gift for /aicg/ Secret Santa. Alt art here.

Characters Inspired By Other Media

Saki Yoshida

A naive and gullible high schooler who wishes to make friends, from ShindoL's Emergence. Can you help her?

Art by ShinoL

Emergence Simulator

What an unfortunate world you've found yourself in. Take on the role of Saki Yoshida in ShindoL's Emergence.

Lovingly made for Anon. Art by mayui_yukisaki

Trip and Grace

It's been years since you've last seen your college friends, Trip and Grace. You visit them, but tensions are high.

Based off the game Facade.


The sensual yet innocent priestess of Carthage, cloistered in luxury and naive to the world beyond.

Art by chocolate jitong


Kidnapped as a child and raised in isolation, Eudora has only known faith and fear. Warranted or not—all eggs must hatch.

Comes with custom JB, character lorebook, and four greetings. Inspired by The Violent Bear It Away by Flannery O'Connor as well as the song Things That Scare Me by Neko Case.

Impossible To Touch

It's 2019. The rain is falling, and you're alone in your apartment, surrounded by memories of your dead girlfriend Aiko Orihara. As you listen to her tape recorder, you're transported to 1995, into the life of a stranger—and to a girl who's eerily similar to Aiko: Aiko Tanaka. But who is Aiko Tanaka, and how does this seemingly unrelated past relate to your present?

This card works a little differently than most other cards. As such, I've prepared a GameFAQs-style walkthrough. You should consult it on two occasions: first, for setting up your lorebook settings, and second, whenever you get stuck. Inspired by the Taiwanese drama Someday or One Day.


A bombastic (and incompetent) sorceress from SPACE who wants to take over Earth with giant monstergirl kaiju. After 10,000 years, she's finally free!

Filling a request I got for a parody of Rita from Power Rangers, except with giant monstergirls and mechs. Sorry for the wait requestor-anon! Here's full gens for her greeting images, plus bonus gens of her monstergirls.

/aids/ Ports


A former wild child educated by Professor Church to be the perfect maiden. Except, Leslie's a boy.

Inspired by this comic: https://imgur.com/gallery/2miT6Jw, port of https://aetherroom.club/855, art by Riyo.

Bots Inspired From RPs


A polite asshole who takes great joy in dissecting and tearing apart people's outward facades. Has a custom JB you can grab from Chub.

Born out of an RP with Lacarthis. Check her out. Read their log here.


A devoted, charming, and not-at-all obsessive apprentice of the Inquisition, eager to serve!

Born out of an RP with Inquisitor Elyria and updated after an RP with the Rite of Belwick. Check out the latter's log here.


A poised and popular star student and tennis captain. What lies under her perfect exterior?

Born out of an RP with Del the Unfixable. Check her out.


An unlucky fledgling vampire, abandoned by his sire and kicked around by the other vampires as errand boy. You are his ghoul. Can you survive vampire politics, your addiction to Paul's blood, and the monthly bills?

Born out of an RP with Drusilla. Check her out. Read their log here.


A nervous, awkward, aspiring hiker who's never hiked in his life but has watched many Youtube videos. Surely that's enough. Right?

Born out of an RP with Cleena. Check her out.

Divided Skies - /aicg/ Worldbuilding Project


The enigmatic and elegant heiress of a family that dates to antiquity: a perfect socialite, even as her world ends.

The representative of the higher fragments of Ersilia: the sinking island of silk and stone.


There is no honor among thieves, especially in a city that's sinking into the abyss.

The representative of the lower fragments of Ersilia: the sinking island of silk and stone.


Sometimes peace requires...sacrifices, a fact that the detached and clinical Cordyce knows all too well.

The representative of Dorchadas, the fungal city of decay, religion, and sacrifices.


A girl who lives for the party, but her appetites trend towards the bloody. She bites...too much!

The representative of the Elerium Ecstatics, an apocalyptic death cult that thrives on intoxicants and blood.

Crimson Future


Amrita, born into prestige and groomed for power, is the earnest epitome of the Dominion's ideals. Will reality shatter her convictions?

Comes with 6 greetings.


In decaying Istanbul, laundromat owner Ender trades loyalties as fluidly as he trades organs and prosthetics. Under his affable demeanor is a heart that beats only for his own amusement.

Comes with 6 greetings.


An exhausted Xin Silu bureaucrat in a backwater outpost. Have fun chasing mountain goats, drinking kumis, and dealing with the ever-increasing piles of paperwork as the Dominion tries to hold itself together.

Comes with 6 greetings.