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Log with Nina (wanderingstar)

Depressed and isolated, Nina sees no option other than suicide. She's pulled back from the brink by a seemingly cheerful girl named Aria—but her lease on life has strings attached.

Done entirely in Nurbo (gpt-4-0125-preview) to see how far I can go with it, so be warned this log is very smutty. Note that also, I did not do much experimentation with writing styles on this log, so the writing style is close to 'base Nurbo'. I ended up getting really invested in these characters and the story. Check out the rest of wanderingstar's bots here!

Log with Ai (astroturf)

Kaga Aiko has a picture-perfect image to maintain—especially around his 「Beloved」, who he's homicidally enamored with. When the furtive Ishikawa Naoki catches him mid-murder, Aiko makes a grisly deal.

Switched between GPT-4-0613 and GPT-4 Turbo, messing around with some very schizo jailbreaks. Had a blast planning murders and playing with what Naoki knows and doesn't know about Ai. Check out the rest of astroturf's bots here!

Log with Hina (lunare)

Eri is an ordinary college student who likes cooking. Hina is the depressive mangaka who barges into her home for food. Things get complicated.

Played with GPT-4-0613. Self-indulgent yuri slowburn. Had a lot of fun with this one; I think Hina's various traits came up throughout this RP in interesting ways. Check out the rest of lunare's bots here! Also, check out the art that lunare drew for the log here. Thanks so much for taking on my request!

Log with The Rite of Belwick (asterisms)

On her way to Rylethia, Lyra Savain finds her train delayed. As she investigates, cultists attack. Soon, Lyra finds herself stuck in time...and stuck trying to save someone who can't remember her.

Reused the character of Lyra for this one. Played with GPT-4 Turbo. Super ambitious card and I got really into this particular roleplay. This card employs hidden text. For the purpose of the log, hidden text is displayed beneath the main output above the codebox in italicized gray text. Note that due to the nature of the card, this log contains spoilers for the card mechanics. Check out the rest of asterisms' bots here! Also, check out the art that lunare drew for the log here. Thanks so much to lunare and to the anon who requested it!

Log with Chrono Ark (rayon)

Nick arrives at a dilapidated fairgrounds, where he teams up with a pyromaniac and pitches a show.

Played this with zero knowledge of Chrono Ark, swapping between GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo. Definitely a good time. Check out the rest of rayon's bots here!

Log with Nebel (snombler)

Scarp awakens in a foggy city sans memory. With no frame of reference and unseen monsters around, he places his trust in others.

Went into this blind and it was a lot of fun playing! GPT-4 surprised me with its subtlety on rereading. Check out the rest of snombler's bots here!

Log with Clock Town Condemned (pr0vidence)

As the designated killer in gloomy Clock Town, Gold has only one goal: be the last one standing alive.

This was a lot of fun, especially since I love Mafia-type games! Check out the rest of pr0vidence's bots here!

Log with Janus (Hedona)

When a woman who looks suspiciously like Janice knocks on her door, Janice realizes that there are only two options: flirt, or fight. Naturally, she chooses to flirt.

This started out just as a silly thing but then I got pretty into Janice and Janus' chemistry. Check out the rest of Hedona's bots here!

Log with Georgia (bipbop)

Georgia is a renegade AI scientist who developed an LLM so powerful it landed her on the run from the law. Anise is an ambitious CS student who is determined to have the best for her thesis advisor. However, her run-in with Georgia stirs up old memories...

I reused the character of Anise for this one, set in an alternate universe from her main RP. Check out the rest of bipbop's bots here!

Log with ShoujoRei (anonymous)

Ana is a starving artist/streamer with a new problem in her dismal life. Namely: ShoujoRei, someone she met on Discord who's determined to 'save' her.

I roleplayed as Ana for this one, another bot that you can check out here.

Log with Drusilla (heyshitkan)

Paul's the bottom of the vampiric foodchain as a good-for-nothing Caitiff, with a ghoul who's dangerously unstable and addicted to his blood. Not that his sob story's gonna move the rent collectors. With him on the outs with the local Baroness, Paul and Drusilla turn to the next best option: petty cons.

This is the bot that I developed the character of Paul with. Check out the rest of heyshitkan's bots here!

Log with Lacarthis (altstrawberry)

Recovering succubus Lacarthis chills out in the diner and calls a guy over. Unfortunately for her, said guy is an annoyingly determined inquisitor of truth.

This is the bot that I developed the character of Alec with. Check out the rest of altstrawberry's bots here!